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Swimming pools & Spas

Swimming is an enjoyable, healthy activity performed by millions of people worldwide. However with the water in pools kept at a temperature of up to 31 °C and each pool user releasing contamination into the water, there is an ideal environment for the development of a biofilm of micro-organisms and bacteria. This means it is essential to employ an effective disinfection product, which both removes biofilm and controls the microbiological and bacterial growth.

For more than 100 years, the main disinfection product used in pool water in Europe has been Chlorine – calcium hypochlorite disinfection, which poses health and safety risks in both the water and the air quality in the pool environment. Additionally there is a concern to those responsible for maintaining the pools, as chlorine is corrosive and continued use causes damage to the pool fabric.

Why is PeroxsilAg+ typically used in Pools & Spas

  • Will remove biofilm and thus clean tanks and pipes
  • Does not form chlorinated by-products
  • Does not hydrolyse to form an acid
  • Is not pH dependent
  • A very broad spectrum kill against complex organisms
  • Effective at higher temperatures does not disassociate as rapidly as chlorine; no gaseous emissions
  • Irritation free
  • Cost savings in labour and use efficiency outweighs the additional chemical costs

  • Conclusion

    The use of the PeroxsilAg+ product protocols will provide a cost effective swimming pool disinfection solution , delivering and maintaining an infection free environment, with none of the drawbacks associated with the traditional methods.