Egg Hatching

Efficacy of Peroxsil® vs Formaldehyde

The objectives of the current study were to assess the biocidal effectiveness of a silver stabilized hydrogen peroxide (Peroxsil®) as an eggshell surface disinfectant and to evaluate its impact on eggshell permeability and hatchability. Beyond eggshell sanitation, we will also assess the effectiveness of this biocide in preventing chick diseases.


In conclusion, employing Peroxsil® at a concentration of 3000 ppm for disinfecting embryonated eggs effectively reduces bacterial load on the eggshell. Furthermore, the use of Peroxsil® enhances hatchability and chick quality. Our data also indicates that Peroxsil® performs at least as well , if not better, than formaldehyde under similar conditions. Given the positive results, Peroxsil® presents itself as a viable alternative or replacement for formaldehyde in eggshell sanitation.

Download the full trial details (pdf).