How does Peroxsil® work as an Anti-Fungal agent?

Peroxsil® inhibits fungi through its ability to generate reactive oxygen species (ROS), which cause widespread oxidative damage to cellular membranes, proteins, and nucleic acids. This is a non-specific mechanism on multiple levels that results in the overall disruption of cellular integrity and function, leading to fungal cell death.

Cellular Effects of Peroxsil®

  • Leads to the formation of lipid radicals, which propagate chain reactions and result in membrane damage, loss of membrane fluidity, and disruption of membrane-bound proteins.
  • Oxidizes amino acid residues, leading to the formation of carbonyl groups and cross-linking of proteins, which can alter enzyme activity, structural integrity, and signalling pathways.
  • Causes strand breaks, base modifications, and cross-linking in DNA. This can result in mutations, impaired replication, and transcription, and potentially lead to carcinogenesis
  • Functions as signalling molecules regulating processes like cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis. They modulate the activity of kinases, phosphatases, and transcription factors.
  • Interacts with thiol groups (-SH) in proteins and enzymes on the fungal cell membrane. This interaction disrupts membrane integrity by causing structural changes and increased permeability.
  • Disrupts membrane integrity leads to the leakage of cellular components and ions, disrupting the fungal cell’s homeostasis and vital functions.
  • Binds to and inhibits essential enzymes involved in fungal metabolism and replication. This interference disrupts cellular processes necessary for fungal growth and survival.
  • Induces the production of ROS within fungal cells causing oxidative damage to proteins, lipids, and DNA, leading to cellular dysfunction and death.
  • Binds to nucleic acids and disrupt DNA replication and repair processes in fungal cells. This leads to genetic mutations, cell cycle arrest, and eventual cell death.
  • Inhibits the germination of fungal spores, preventing the establishment of new infections or the spread of existing ones.
  • Hinders the elongation and growth of fungal hyphae, crucial for fungal colonization and propagation.

  • Conclusion: Peroxsil® combats fungi in multiple ways, making it highly effective.